Summer Baseball!

Updated Thursday May 2, 2019 by Beth Jones.

Here are several opportunities for ASBR players to continue baseball through the summer...


Prep League

Arlington Senior Babe Ruth will be entering two 13-year-old teams in the Kyle's Kamp Memorial Day tournament. This wood-bat tournament will be held locally in Northern Virginia, May 24-28.  ASBR views this event as a single weekend tournament opportunity and not part of our summer all-star experience.  

League administrators will select the teams for this one-weekend tournament by May 15.  There will be no tryouts and selections will be based on regular season coach nominations with each regular season team having relatively equal representation on each of the Memorial Day teams.  Again, selection to this one-weekend team has no bearing on all-star participation, so families that typically travel over Memorial Day may do so and those who are not selected to play will still have every opportunity to make a summer team.

American and Alliance Leagues

ASBR will have one team at each age 14 and 15. Since this is a single weekend team, there will not be any tryouts and roster decisions will be made by several involved coaches. The tournament organizers will select players who are available for the weekend. They will ensure the teams have the appropriate skills at pitcher, catcher, first base, etc. We understand many players will have interest in playing but we can only accommodate approximately 14 for each team. Inclusion or exclusion from these teams will in no way affect any player’s opportunity to make an all-star team for this summer (see number 2 below). Players will be contacted by a coach around May 18 if selected for the Memorial Day tournament. The tournament will begin Thursday, May 23 and will continue through Memorial Day.


13 Prep

ASBR will offer two summer all-star teams for 13-year-olds - a District team and a Tournament team. Tryouts for both teams will take place together on June 2 (6-8 pm) and June 8 (11 am - 1 pm). Players should plan to attend both tryout dates if they wish to be considered for either team.

The District team requires an uninterrupted commitment from June 16-July 16 with extended playing opportunities if the team wins the state tournament and competes in the regional tournament beginning July 23. Players hoping to be on this top-level all-star team must commit to daily evening practices as well as four weekend tournaments. This team will play in Fredricksburg, VA and Hershey, PA as well as represent Arlington in the District VI tournament with hopes of participating in the Virginia State Tournament. This team is typically comprised of 13 or 14 players and will be selected by the all-star coaching staff based on tryout performance and regular season coach input.

The Tournament team will be comprised of 18-20 players and also will play in four summer tournaments. They will have one travel tournament to Fruitland, MD as well as several local tournaments. Players on this team are expected to commit to scheduled evening practices (typically 3-4 a week) and at least three of the four tournaments. The team will carry a larger roster in order to accommodate some absences by players over the course of the summer season. Players who do not make the District team will automatically be considered for the Tournament team.  

The all-star coaching staffs will have final say in team selection in conjunction with league personnel. Players will be asked to provide their availability from June 16-July 16 on the first day of tryouts and availability will be considered as part of the team selection process. Players who make the District team but subsequently miss time due to undisclosed events will be moved to the Tournament team. We ask families to carefully plan their summer schedules and provide full information on dates they will miss as we anticipate heavy interest in our two all-star teams this summer. Missing a single day or two for pre-planned events will not result in removal from consideration for the District team. We will do our best to accommodate demand with these two teams.

14/15 Alliance and American Leagues

ASBR will sponsor two or three post-season all-star teams—with at least one each at ages 14 and 15. We are exploring options for a second 14-year-old team. These teams will have extensive summer schedules beginning around June 16 and continuing through July 16 for most teams. Information is included below.

Alliance and American League players will be eligible to try out for the 14- and 15-year-old all-star teams. Both these teams (plus a possible second 14-year-old team) will play three or four weekend tournaments and hold daily (3-4 per week) evening practices. Players must commit to the entire period from June 16 to July 16. Please note that if either team wins the state tournament, they will advance to the regional tournament, which will begin on July 23. Please plan accordingly.

Tryouts for the 14- and 15-year-old all-stars will be held on June 2 and June 9. Those tryouts are tentatively scheduled between 5 and 9 pm both evenings with more information and exact times to follow closer to the date.