ASBR League Divisions

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Arlington Senior Babe Ruth offers Fall ball, a Spring regular season, and Summer All-Stars as follows:

Spring Season Leagues

·         Prep – 13 year-olds

·         Alliance – 14/15 year-olds who are not playing on a high school baseball team (14 YO players who are planning to tryout for their high school team should register for the Alliance League. We will gladly move players to American (with our congratulations!) when they join their high school teams.

·         American – 14/15 year-olds who play on a high school baseball team

·         Senior – 16-18 year-olds

Summer Tournament Teams

·         13, 14 and 15 year-old All-Stars

·         13 year-old Travel, 14 year-old Travel when there is opportunity

·         Senior League All-Stars

Fall Ball Leagues

·         13/14 year-olds

·         15-18 year-olds

Arlington Senators Travel Baseball

·         13-15 year-olds, year-round practice and play

·         Integrated scheduling with House Leagues and All-Stars

Spring Prep League:  This league incorporates all 13-year-olds and features local practices and games. Teams form in early March. There will be two practices weekly until early-to-mid-April when games begin. The game season will extend through the middle of June and will culminate with an end-of-season tournament. Players in this league will be able to explore various positions and can form strong bonds with teammates as they play with their friends on local high school fields and Barcroft Park, home of the George Washington University Colonials. Players also can be nominated to one of two Memorial Day weekend tournament teams for additional experience in a tournament setting.

Summer All-Stars:  ASBR sponsors two 13-year-old summer teams that accommodate all interested players: 13s All-Stars District eam and 13s Tournament team. Both will begin practices in June, immediately following the spring season. They will have a full practice and tournament schedule through late July. Players must play in the spring Prep League in order to be eligible to participate on either summer team.

  • The top team--District Team--will play in four or five tournaments and will have daily practices, providing high-level instruction six days a week. This is an excellent preparation for high school baseball. Players must commit to the schedule in its entirety to be on the district team, whose play will culminate with official Babe Ruth tournament action. The the winning team will advance to the state tournament and beyond – a common occurrence for our summer All-Star teams. In fact, in 2021, ASBR had two teams advance to the regional championship. Prior to that the 15s team advanced to the World Championship. 
  • The other summer--Tournament Team--also will have a complete tournament schedule, but will give consideration to players who miss games due to vacation or camp. This team offers four-five days a week of summer baseball action. 

Fall Ball:  This game-only league will run from early September to early November. This will be the first exposure to the 90-foot diamond for many rising 13 year-olds. This league will pair 13s and 14s and will offer two games a week in Arlington. Participation in the Fall ball program will not affect eligibility for the Spring regular season or the Summer All-Star season. However, it will provide an excellent opportunity for players to gain experience on the larger diamond and to play with friends.  

Senators Baseball Club

The Arlington Senators Baseball Club is the travel arm of ASBR. Its goal is to help prepare players for high school baseball and beyond. For more information about the Arlington Senators, please visit their website:

Younger Players

Players 12 and under can find great baseball opportunities in Arlington with these youth leagues:

Arlington Cal Ripken Babe Ruth offers programs for ages 4-12:

Arlington Little League offers programs for ages 4-12: